Over the 30-year history of the OS, nine major versions of the system have been released: from Windows 1.0 developed by Bill Gates to the latest release under the direction of the new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Windows is the most common OS, and it is installed on more than 88% of intimate computers in the world.


Microsoft is a world leader in information technology, supplying a wide range of devices and services, software and IT services. It is one of the largest corporations in the world, producing in more than 190 countries around the earth.

Microsoft is a productivity community in a world where mobility and the cloud prevail. Microsoft’s long-term assignment is to enable every customer and system on the earth to accomplish extra. The company has ambitious goals – to create new opportunities for improving business processes, simplify human-computer interaction, make it even more individual and build a smart cloud platform.

Microsoft services will help people become more productive. We are changing the world of tools that people use, and strive to create mechanisms that fit their needs and preferences. The company focused on a universal mobile user experience and develops applications for all platforms. Today, with the help of the cloud, any device can become that “necessary tool”. And many of them will even be able to learn what the user wants to teach them. We are creating a cloud to help community become more competitive and efficient. Thanks to the smart cloud, not only our own services will function – it will also be profitable to our customers in the most convenient way for them: they will either be able to fully migrate to the cloud, or use a hybrid.

The organization pays special attention to the protection of user data. EU data bank safeguard  authorities confirm that Microsoft’s cloud service agreements appropriate immense requirements of EU personal data shelter legislation. Microsoft is a dominant  corporation to receive such approval.


Another key focus of Microsoft is the improvement of artificial intelligence. To do this, the corporation has conceived the Microsoft AI and Research Group. The industry brings together more than 5,000 world-class scientists and technicians who are currently developing Microsoft products based on artificial intelligence (AI). Services based on AI will become more available and convenient for all, which will lead to the emergence of new measures to clarify the most complex problems of society.

Windows can rightly be called an integral part of a whole generation of PC users. Thanks to Microsoft’s OS, millions of people discovered information technology and access to the global network. And no matter how hard she is, she will in any case remain relevant for several years.

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