How to become an android developer in 2019

Every smartphone owner uses numerous apps every day. But there are many who pause for a moment once in a while and wonder, ‘how do all these apps emerge?’ If you are one among them, perhaps this is the right place to have a humble start.

Android, an open-source program, is the most popular operating system for smartphones. Thousands of apps are created to enter the market every day. So what does it take to become a good android developer? To become a full-fledged coder, first you need to acquire certain Android developer skills and mindset.

Technical skills 

The following software skills are the most fundamental and indispensable for Android development, and any Android software developer needs to have a solid foundation in them.


The first question of concern for one who embarks upon Android development would be ‘What language is used for android apps?’ And the answer will mostly be Java. It is the programming language used for core programming of the app. Of course, there are other languages such as C++ and Kotlin (which is preferred by Google). However, Java is still the most popular language for Android development.


XML (Extensible Markup Language)

While Java is the building block with which you do the essential programming, XML helps you in the overall design. It is the markup language readable by machines as well as humans. It helps us design the layout, colors, buttons, and other functionality aspects of the app, which together comprise the user interface. It is through XML that the application communicates with the web.


SQL (Structured Query Language)

It is the computer language we use to manage databases. It helps in arranging and storing program data and user data in a well-structured manner, and systematically retrieving them whenever required. There are different variants available for coders today; however, SQLite is the most desirable one for beginners in Android development.


Android Studio

It is a very helpful tool in Android development provided by Android itself for free. It is an ‘Integrated development environment’ (IDE) offering all resources and tools to build the app and debug it, and also the virtual devices to test the code.


Android developers’ websites such as edX, Udacity, etc. provide valuable resources to learn coding for Android. When you are fairly confident with them, you may try some sample projects. Continuous learning and practicing help you improve your Android developer skills. And once you are an expert, you will have mastered the art of debugging, too, which is very important.

Professional skills 

An affinity to the soft skills discussed below can help you a lot, too.


When you are about to build your app, be very clear about the purpose and function of the app, its design, layout, etc.

Persistence and Perseverance

Keep working at something you find hard until it becomes easy for you. Learn from mistakes so that you don’t make the same errors twice.

Market awareness

Sharpen your knowledge about the industry and hone your entrepreneurial skills.

Knowledge building

Be a perpetual learner. The more knowledge you gain about various fields, the better. You never know if you will be developing an app for healthcare, educational institution or the automobile industry.

Team spirit

An Android software developer must also be a cooperative team player because you might have to work with professionals from various niches in every step of your journey.

Prospects for an Android developer are promising as the technology has been branching out into wearable apps, TV apps, etc. You have numerous career options, from being a freelancer to becoming a highly esteemed professional with top Android developers around the globe such as Magora (London), Credencys (CA) or Devicebee (Dubai).

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